Care guide

Timber is a natural material, every piece is different, and as such the colour and grain may vary slightly to images displayed here.

Please be aware that solid wood furniture expands and shrinks with differences in humidity and temperature. Avoid placing your furniture near radiators or other heat sources.

Always use place mats and coasters to protect furniture from heat and liquids. Wipe any spills immediately with a soft damp cloth then dry quickly with a second non abrasive cloth making sure to wipe in the same direction as the grain.

We recommend dusting furniture with a soft non abrasive cloth.

All of our furniture is finished properly, and therefore we do not recommend the use of polishes or sprays. Similarly in the event of a spill of mark on your furniture do not use a chemical or detergent.

If you have an accident, our furniture can be sanded back and re oiled, please get in touch for further help.


Oak is a durable hardwearing timber. It is relatively light in colour when unfinished, once oiled it will become richer in colour and over time oak tends to darken. Oak furniture left in sunlight will  darken much faster than oak kept away from sunlight.


Much darker in colour than oak but walnut also works in the opposite way in respect to sunlight. Walnut will lighten in colour over time when exposed to sunlight.


The grain in ash will closer than that of oak. Ash is much lighter in colour than oak but again is likely to darken over time.


Cherry has a reddish colouring to it, and can change considerably in the sunlight darkening when exposed for prolonged periods 

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