Alexander Hay Design was formed in 2018 with the purpose of designing and making beautiful furniture. I work in three principal areas: I create furniture for private commissions, I design my own range of furniture and I work on contract design for retailers and manufacturers.


I graduated from Northumbria University having studied product and furniture design with a passion to develop my own business. Originally from Devon I have grown up living on the edge of Dartmoor and have always been surrounded by the natural beauty of the moors and of course by the Jurassic Coast. My style is driven by a love of the British countryside and many of my designs are heavily influenced by the landscapes surrounding me. 


My furniture is simple but elegant, beautiful and functional. Care and attention stand out, each piece is meticulously designed and made in contemporary style and reflects my knowledge and experience in crafting pieces to stand the test of time. I strive to create pieces that will be held onto for generations to come, and will  be timeless both in design and durability.


Each commission is individual, with its own particular set of requirements and desires, and I respond to every request with the utmost care and attention in order to supply a piece which will not only give tangible pleasure but will last for years to come. 


I work with craftsmen of extraordinary ability across the British Isles, and occasionally further afield, bringing together a wealth of expertise. We are as environmentally sympathetic as we can be, working in harmony with nature using responsibly sourced materials. 

My story


Below are a series of images that show some of my inspiration. I have a deep love of the British countryside and growing up near the coast and moors has certainly inspired a lot of my work.


Each piece starts with a sketch, and from there development comes in a variety of forms, often using scale models, CAD and sometimes full scale prototypes.

Whether a bespoke commission or a limited edition piece, all of my furniture is either made by myself, or another skilled local craftsman. I try as much as possible to work with British craftsmen, and always use FSC certified timber.  Outsourcing some of my work and working with specialists means that I am not limited by my own resources.


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